Solaris Paper is a North American towel and tissue manufacturer focused on away-from-home distribution. Our products are recognized for being whiter, brighter, softer and smarter thanks to responsibly-managed sourcing of Rapidly Renewable Fiber (RRF) and sustainable manufacturing operations. We have a smarter way of working, too. Our vertically integrated business model provides tremendous flexibility and management control, which gives our customers improved margin opportunities and competitive pricing. All without sacrificing performance.


Forestry R&D

Strategic Sourcing Partner, Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) continuously invests in forestry research and technology to optimize growth efficiency and maximize land-use output.


Acacia & Eucalyptus Plantation

APP responsibly manages plantations supported under the protection of high conservation value forests (HCVF) in some of the world’s most sensitive areas. APP has formed working relationships with Environmental Paper Network and The Forest Trust, two of the leading forestry organizations.


Pulp Mill

Trees are transported directly from the plantation to our neighboring pulp and paper mills. Solaris Paper pulp slurry is made using Rapidly Renewable Fiber (RRF), a sustainable alternative to recycled paper. RRF is recognized as an environmentally preferred raw material by the U.S. EPA and USGBC LEED.


Paper Mill

Pulp is converted into base paper in the same mill location, therefore, reducing the carbon footprint and cutting costs significantly.


Converting in U.S.A.

Base paper is shipped to Solaris Paper's strategically located U.S. converting facilities where it is converted into finished away-from-home towel and tissue products.


North America Distribution

Strategic distribution sites and distributor partners throughout the U.S. and Canada provide efficient and cost effective delivery of finished goods.



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