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About Solaris Paper.

Solaris Paper is a North American towel and tissue manufacturer focused on away-from-home distribution. Our products are recognized for being white, bright, soft and smart thanks to responsibly-managed sourcing of Rapidly Renewable Fiber (RRF) and sustainable manufacturing operations. We have a smarter way of working, too. Our vertically integrated business model provides tremendous flexibility and management control, which gives our customers improved margin opportunities and competitive pricing. All without sacrificing performance.

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A smarter approach.

About Solaris Paper

A better process,
from start to finish.

Solaris Paper is changing the industry. That’s a statement we fully believe and stand behind—and our innovative process supports it at every step.

1. Forestry R&D

Our strategic sourcing partner, Asia Pulp & Paper (APP), continuously invests in sustainable forestry management, along with research and technology to optimize growth efficiency and maximize responsible land-use output.

2. Responsibly Managed Plantations

Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) supports the protection of high conservation value forests (HCVF) in some of the world’s most sensitive areas. APP has formed working relationships with the Forest Trust and leading NGOs and stakeholders, to oversee policy implementation and monitor operations. For more information, read APP's vision.

3. Pulp Mill

Trees are transported directly from the plantation to pulp and paper mills, where they become a pulp slurry made from Rapidly Renewable Fiber (RRF). As a sustainable and viable alternative to recycled-content paper, RRF is recognized as an environmentally preferred raw material by the U.S. EPA and USGBC LEED®. **

** Rapidly Renewable Fiber (RRF) meets the requirements of the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED standards. Reference EQc7 of LEED EBOM 2016 (v4) and IEQc3.3 of LEED EBOM 2009 (v3).

4. Paper Mill

To reduce costs and promote operational efficiencies, pulp is converted into base paper in the same mill location and shared facilities.

5. Converting the USA

Solaris Paper's strategically located U.S. facilities convert finished away-from-home towel and tissue products.

6. North America Distribution

Distribution sites and distributor partners throughout the U.S. provide efficient and cost effective delivery of finished goods.

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Solaris Paper proudly offers a variety of lines to accommodate our partner distributors and their end-users. While all of our paper products are made with sustainable, Virgin Plantation Grown Fiber, each line offers unique attributes presented in upscale, coordinated packaging along with the high quality standard upheld by all Solaris Paper products.

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Solaris Paper combines essential products with innovative solutions to meet the needs of a wide variety of industries. No matter where you are or what you do, you need quality products that provide hygiene, comfort, waste reduction and savings – while also being environmentally responsible. Solaris Paper delivers all of that and more.

Our smarter dispenser and paper product solutions help you accomplish your goals by:

  • Enhancing your facility's image
  • Reducing paper waste and costs
  • Providing a clean, professional look
  • Improving washroom hygiene
  • Promoting a greener building
  • Gaining labor efficiencies with fewer change outs

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Solaris Paper is proudly affiliated with the following organizations: U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA), Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA International), Green Chamber of the South, and Green Sports Alliance.

Solaris Paper is also a member of several community organizations dedicated to sustainability and responsible cleaning management and janitorial products.

Solaris Paper is a proud sponsor of the Healthy Schools Campaign, Green Clean Schools program.

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