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Dec 20, 2017

FAQs Related to OKI Mill

On OKI Mill

Since its introduction in 2013, APP has stood firm on our Forest Conservation Policy, which underscores its zero-deforestation pledge and commits it to using only sustainably-sourced fibre. APP has not wavered in either our support or the enforcement of this policy and will keep to this policy moving forward. This is not conjecture.

The maximum production capacity of OKI, as allowed by licenses and which OKI will keep to, is 2.8 million tons of pulp per year. The majority of OKI’s wood supply will be sourced from concessions within Sumatra. The NGO report underestimates the potential growth in yields that can come from the use of better technology and modern techniques in our supplier concessions and overestimates the loss rates. It is a fact that fibre yields per hectare in Indonesia remain on the low end of the global average.

OKI can also source sustainable fibre from further afield – from Kalimantan and beyond and these options remain economically viable. OKI is more competitive in unit cost of production simply because of its geographical location (i.e. it is close to source), in that it uses modern technology and enjoys economies of scale.

On Free Prior and Informed Consent

In Indonesia, community consultation is mandated before the Environmental Impact Certification (AMDAL) is issued. APP’s 2013 Forest Conservation Policy also establishes standards for Free Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC). This was conducted prior to construction to ensure that legal and traditional rights of the local community were respected. It is not the company’s policy to use any form of violence or intimidation in the resolution of conflict between the company and the community and we take firm action against any staff or vendor who violates our FPIC policy.

On the Integrated Fire Management System

Today, APP has committed to almost US$90 million in APP Fire prevention efforts. The investments have gone into expanding APP’s fire fighting force to 2,700, upgrading fire-fighting gear and heavy equipment such as excavators and helicopters, as well as investments into more effective hotspot and fire monitoring cameras and satellites.

On The Forest Trust, Rainforest Alliance and Greenpeace

It was most alarming to see quotes from environmentalists slinging innuendo and accusations at other environmentalists, for the “crime” of being associated with APP. There are many NGOs. Some, adopt a progressive approach that is balanced. While they campaign, they also exhibit a side that engages willing partners to bring about collective change for the common good.

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