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May 06, 2014

ISSA Today Article: Sustainable Strategies to Meet the Growing Demand for Sanitary Paper / Stephen P. Ashkin

Atlanta, GA - (May 6, 2014)

In an article published in ISSA Today, Green Cleaning Specialist Stephen P. Ashkin points out that the professional cleaning industry is leading the charge in making public facilities more sustainable. While recycled paper has long been accepted as a green option for building managers, there is concern that recycled fiber may not meet the growing demand for sanitary paper products. Ashkin offers two solutions. Along with reducing paper usage, Ashkin recommends using paper products derived from rapidly renewable trees grown in sustainably managed forests. Rapidly renewable trees take only six to 10 years to grow to full maturity in comparison to the typical tree that can take decades to grow.

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Published in ISSA Today – April 2014