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Feb 20, 2016

Nvi® LoCor® Product Branding Updated with New Brand Name

Atlanta, GA – (January 20, 2016) – Solaris Paper’s innovative Nvi LoCor high capacity paper towel and bath tissue product system is getting a brand update to be simply branded  LoCor towel and tissue. The change reflects and strengthens the connection with the product systems high-capacity efficiencies, and unique reduced core design.

LoCor's "smaller core" design provides the capability of offering more product per roll in the same amount of space as traditional paper towel or bath tissue. The LoCor towel and tissue products are  partnered with Solaris Paper's high capacity dispensing solutions that are sleek in design and efficient in performance.

Because of this primary smaller core product feature, and the overwhelming acceptance of the product system over the years, Solaris Paper is updating the product branding from Nvi LoCor to simply LoCor Towel and Tissue on paper product packaging to simplify and better capitalize on the brands importance. This labeling change will be transitioned in Q1 2016 as supplies of current packaging and inventories are depleted.

The LoCor® Towel and Tissue product offering continues to be one of the most successful and market leading high-capacity product systems available today. Built on promises of value and sustainability, LoCor towel and tissue delivers highest quality, virgin rapidly renewable fiber (RRF) that is a preferred choice among customers looking to upgrade their washroom facilities and product quality.

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About Solaris Paper

Solaris Paper®, Inc. (SPI) is a U.S. based manufacturer of premium quality towel and tissue products for the North American Away-From-Home commercial marketplace.  SPI’s products are made from virgin Rapidly Renewable Fiber, which produces a whiter, brighter, softer and greener product. SPI is dedicated to a sustainable business model.  Our commitment applies to the full scope of our operations, starting with our primary strategic supply partner Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) through end-of product life scenarios. Solaris Paper’s family of products currently includes Nvi® Advanced Dispensing Systems, Nvi® LoCor®, Livi® VPG and Livi® Basic Towel and Tissue.  To learn more about Solaris Paper, please visit