Solaris Paper

Aug 29, 2015

Solaris Paper Sponsors Interline Brands 2015 Partner Conference

Orlando, FL – (August 29, 2015) – Solaris Paper  served as a Platinum Sponsor (Booth #1018) for the Interline Brands 2015 Annual Partner Conference (APC) held August 26-28 in Orlando, FL. 

The 2015 APC theme of BE Unstoppable continued to build the organizations momentum of their Big Expertise message of "bringing scale, capabilities & solutions together like no one else." The APC event focuses on sales and end-market strategies, merchandising, marketing and technology initiatives via panel discussions, guest speakers, education, networking opportunities and more.

During the awards banquet held after the Partner Expo on August 28th, Solaris Paper was honored as a nominee for "Outstanding New Partner".

Interline Brands proudly offers the Renown® brand of products. Renown is a comprehensive sustainable line of cleaning and janitorial products with unparalleled quality and uncompromising performance. As a Renown towel and tissue supplier, Solaris Paper featured Renown premium kitchen roll towels and jumbo bath tissue during the 2015 APC (Booth #1018), along with the LoCor® high-capacity towel & tissue offering, and the premium Livi® VPG and quality Livi Basic brands of virgin, rapidly renewable fiber based paper towel and tissue products.

To learn more about Solaris Paper’s towel and tissue products, visit

About Interline Brands

Interline Brands is a large-scale, national distributor delivering maintenance products, solutions and focused expertise to institutional and commercial facility owners, commercial and residential service contractors, as well as commercial property managers. SupplyWorks™ is their new Institutional brand which combines the market expertise of Amsan®, JanPak, CleanSource, Trayco and Sexaur® to become the leading broad-line national provider of integrated facility maintenance solutions. The Wilmar® and Maintenance USA® brands serve multifamily housing facilities customers with everyday repair and maintenance solutions. And the Barnett®, Copperfield, U.S. Lock®, Hardware Express® and Leran® brands serve residential customers through a combination of specialty brands and professional contractor and wholesaler brands.

About Solaris Paper

Solaris Paper®, Inc. (SPI) is a U.S. based manufacturer of premium quality towel and tissue products for the North American Away-From-Home commercial marketplace.  SPI’s products are made from virgin Rapidly Renewable Fiber, which produces a whiter, brighter, softer and greener product. SPI is dedicated to a sustainable business model.  Our commitment applies to the full scope of our operations, starting with our primary strategic supply partner Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) through end-of product life scenarios. Solaris Paper’s family of products currently includes Nvi® Advanced Dispensing Systems, Nvi® LoCor®, Livi® VPG and Livi® Basic Towel and Tissue.  To learn more about Solaris Paper, please visit